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So, here's the thing:

I am not a big fan of Pierce Brosnan's James Bond films. He, himself, was a solid Bond (a sort-of expansion and mature take on Roger Moore"s Bond), but his films, to me, were downright terrible; they just didn't FEEL like spy-espionage films. Say what you will on the Roger Moore films, but at least they FELT like spy-espionage films. So, why check out this fanedit? Because despite what I said on the Pierce Brosnan films, GOLDENEYE is the only exception and, quite frankly, is my second favorite James Bond film; and TOMORROW NEVER DIES is the sort-of bridge between the awesomeness of GOLDENEYE and the shittiness of the rest of the Brosnan films. Maybe, just maybe, this fanedit can diminish the shittiness of the film while maybe simultaneously elevating the awesome elements within.

Does it succeed at that? Unfortunately, not really.

As a fanedit, this is excellent. The corniness is cut down a bit, the fat is trimmed thus improving the pacing of the film, and the overall quality of the film is improved purely on it's efficient delivery of the story and action. If you loved the original version of this film, this fanedit improves upon it, plain and simple. But for someone like myself who didn't really enjoy the original film, this edit didn't really change that opinion. But please understand that that should not reflect on the faneditor, faneditors must work with what they have. In that sense. this edit is excellent and highly recommended. But if you hated the original version of this film, just move on.

Let me close on quite possibly the single best thing of this edit: switching the song, "Tomorrow Never Dies" with "Surrender;" this was an absolute MUST. "Surrender," to me, is the ULTIMATE James Bond song. To move it to the end credits was an absolute SIN! Thank you SO MUCH for changing that, lapis molari!

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