Topher Grace Is There and Back Again

Most people know that Topher Grace made an 85-minute cut of the Star Wars prequels and Curb Your Enthusiasm, something he did to teach himself film editing. While the latter is available online, the former has only been shown privately. Well,  we can now add a third Topher Grace edit to that list: The Hobbit.

As IndieWire reports, the actor has taken it upon himself to edit down the 8-hour trilogy into a neat and tidy 2-hour film. Why did he do it? After playing David Duke in Spike Lee’s BlacKkKlansman, he needed something to decompress. “It’s like doing woodwork in my garage,” Grace says. There’s already a movement on Twitter to get it released via the hashtag #ReleaseTheGraceCut.

You can read more of his interview at Indiewire.