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(Updated: September 02, 2012)
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April 24, 2010 @ 5:17 am

This is a solid edit. I have seen the most recent version, and I’d like to say that most of the complaints have been addressed. Robot heaven is still in there, but given how much of the cheese has already been removed I’m willing to accept a little being left in (especially considering that the scene’s absence causes a bigger narrative rift than leaving it in does). If you are like me, and you enjoyed the first movie but were massively let down by the sequel, then this cut will make you happy. If you hated the original too, then I can’t promise any miracles, but as far as presenting a more dignified version of ROTF goes this cut gets the job done quite solidly.

I watched the Blu-Ray version of this cut on one of my school’s 60″ HD screens, and I must say it’s a feast for the eyes. This edit was very well technically executed and I did not notice any “seams” in the editing. The cuts were subtle, and I didn’t really notice any of the cuts until I thought back and remembered “oh yeah, there was some kind of toilet / sex joke in that scene before, wasn’t there?” This edit all around comes together very nicely, and it looks gorgeous on Blu-Ray to boot. With all that in mind, this is an edit that will make me not miss the official cut. I’ve now got a cut of TF2 that looks good enough to watch with the Blu-Ray of TF1, and for me is as fun to watch (I suppose your mileage may vary though, since depending on how much you liked the first film you may like it more or less, so I’m not sure).

All around, I reccomend giving this cut a chance. It’s technically quite well done, and it’s also a much more enjoyable version of the film. 9/10
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