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I never liked the Star wars prequels, because they are too crowded with scenes and dialogue and story that it all seems dense and rushed. The original trilogy succeeded because it had a focused story of the rebellion to tell with a limited number of protagonists.

That allowed these movies to breath and its characters to develop roots and the magic could materialise. We followed a young Skywalker to the stars and becoming a Jedi.

Lucas tried something similar with Anakin but it didn’t really pay off because the focus was lost with the myriad of things happening and because he started with a child, having to change the actor for the next installments.

With your fanedits you obviously tried to bring some focus to the new trilogy by trimming all the unnecessary dialogue, characters and scenes and to try to make it an Anakin-story.

In this you greatly succeeded, although Star wars I was a bit too short and rushed in your edit, it still was superior. As an edit star wars II is imho even better, although the underlining movie was worse.

You improved the love-story, and that’s really what the second part is about.

I would have cut the fire-scene as well as it makes it look like they would have intercourse which would not fit well with later scenes.

Some criticize the dialogue before the arena, that Padme’s love-confession feels cheesy. I disagree and think that dialogue was important and fitting as Padme thought that they would die in that arena and wanted to make sure that Anakin knows that she loves him.

In the arena I felt the fight against these monsters was too short and inconclusive in your edit, Anakin gets that animal to ride on and the others jump on and that’s it.

With the exception of that everything else seemed spot-on, even your decision to minimise the slaughter of these sand-people by removing certain scenes like Yoda’s vision. That way Anakin’s tilt towards the dark side is not yet conclusive, although it removed a memorable acting-moment.

The movie was the weakest of the new three and so no fanedit can save this movie fully but your attempt probably did the best possible.

Original movie: 6/10 Your edit turns it into a 7.5/10. The edit itself gets a 8.5/10.

Thank you very much for your edit.
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