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FanMix November 30, 2022 1306
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I'm a big fan of True Romance and this edit is brilliant. There have been a few 'Tarantino Cuts' over the years to varying degrees of success, but this leaves them all in the dust. I daresay this is the definitive cut of the movie. It's one thing to slap in the deleted scenes and reorder them according to the script, but to have that keen eye to know what to leave in and out to improve the narrative is next level. Then you've got an improved soundtrack, amazing additional VFX and properly done 5.1 audio mix.... there's nothing more you could want from this, other than a full length commentary track. Fans of the original should absolutely watch, non-fans should watch just for the masterclass in fanediting. Well done.
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(Updated: December 29, 2022) December 29, 2022
That is just too kind of you! I had Clarence's big "sh*t eating grin" on my face reading the review. I'm thrilled there are fans out there who enjoyed this cut as much as I did. The original ending is ok but kinda cheesy; Scott's alternate demo ending is so weird and harsh. I think I got just the right ending that leaves me with that "wow" feeling in my gut, the same way the screenplay made me feel.
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