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(Updated: August 22, 2022)
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Very good effort here, and I thank the editor for allowing me to experience what almost could have been. Emphasis on almost. Transitions were all smooth (well as smooth as the original cut). This edit uses the alternate ending. Unfortunately Tony Scott botched the execution of Tarantino’s original ending, which as written was perfect.. It seems pretty clear Scott never had any real intention of using it, he just filmed it to satisfy a young Tarantino nipping at his heels. For Tarantino’s ending to work Alabama’s dialogue can’t be done as a calm voiceover which just makes her character seem to be a disingenuous fraud. Scott’s hack job is reinforced by NOT having Alabama almost commit suicide, gun in mouth. Finally with no emphasis on her retrieving the comic book, the ending loses all it’s impact.

So for me, making a Tarantino cut that uses the same weird/happy music from Tony Scott’’s release and his poorly executed alternate ending is not satisfying. It only makes me wish even more what could have been. EDIT" Score updated to reflect that a good effort was made to add music into deleted/alternate scenes.

All in all I’m glad I watched this and do recommend it for others to watch and form their own opinions.

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