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I love the premise of this edit. As one of the weirder episodes of the original Star Trek series, it does feel like it could have been an episode of an uproduced later season of The Twilight Zone. Removing the B-plot back on board the ship leaves a few awkward scene transitions, but nothing that feels too out of place. And it's been long enough since I've watched the original version of this episode that I'm not 100% sure those awkward cuts weren't there to begin with. Removing the Enterprise portions of the episode makes the episode start in media res, but that's not unusual for The Twilight Zone. The audio and video transitions all work well, but some of the Rod Serling voiceovers in the beginning are a bit uneven in volume, and occasionally the black and white filter that's been applied across the episode appears slightly green for some reason. As others have mentioned, I didn't really like the use of the "remastered" CGI Enterprise, but I also dislike the new effects across the board and always watch the unaltered versions when I revisit the original episodes. That's just a matter of personal taste and I'm not faulting the editor for it.

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