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Extended Edition April 07, 2017 20133
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This is the second edit I have watched, which attempts to reinsert missing footage into Lynch’s “feature”.
With this director, I am never sure of anything. I find him more maddening than Herzog.
Anyway, the first section of this play out like amateur, community theatre. I don’t know if these performers cannot act, or of they have been directed to emulate drunken cacti.
Once Laura Palmer appears, the acting turns professional, although the story continues to meander somewhat. Just hold on and bear with it.
The truckstop sequence is unforgettable.
The image quality if this is excellent, the audio adequate. Subtitles are unnecessary.
I still suffer enjoyment / appreciate issues with this film. Indeed with this director’s oeuvre, or the director himself, whom I’ve always equated with the unclothed emperor.

Several years ago, Q2 also crafted an extended version of this.
In many ways, it is quite similar, and my comments from 2014 mirror my thoughts toward this edit.
For Twin Peaks fans, and Lynch believers, both versions are strongly recommended.

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