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Surprised to be the first person reviewing this one, but I should add I haven't seen the Teresa Banks and the Last Seven Days of Laura Palmer version so can't compare the two.

Having seen the Missing Pieces independently it was great to see them put into context of the original film. The scenes themselves were seamlessly edited into the movie, and at times it was difficult to place exactly which scenes were original vs reincorporated. In the original cut there were a few issues of continuity, so seeing scenes with Agent Desmond's fistfight, Agent Jeffries' transportations and Teresa Banks' call to Leland made the flow much clearer, particularly the latter and for Leland's so violent a response.

That said, some scenes whilst enjoyable independently add little to the film's narrative and almost seem a little jarring, such as Big Ed and Norma and a few other tv series characters who up until that point had made no appearances. Perhaps thats why they were cut from the theatrical release.

With the new series back on tv it will be interesting to see how the additional ending scenes might play out, particularly with Annie and the nurse at the very end. Time will tell, but overall a thoroughly enjoyable edit of the film that adds depth to the original.

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