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I watched through all of the original Twin Peaks and Fire Walk With Me recently. I was going to watch The Missing Pieces before moving onto The Return, but I decided instead to experience the bulk of it in the form of being reintegrated into the film - cue Q2. Thanks so much for putting this together! I have no regrets about watching the material in this form.

Visual editing is seamless. I did notice one audio transition, but it was niticky. My main gripe here (which it seems only one other reviewer mentioned) is that some of the dialogue is very quiet. It's quiet in the original film, but portions here are exceptionally so, and this (as far as I could tell) was only during some deleted portions. I had to crank up my volume and still couldn't really hear at times, and then had to turn it way down again for the following scene. Either way though, I think this is a film/edit in which subtitles would be valued.

Many have said this - the result of an exhaustive extended edition is that the pacing is affected by unneeded time away from Laura's narrative. But Q2's intent was to make a full extended cut and it is nicely done. Plenty of the scenes add a lot and, while they don't necessarily answer questions, they bring a bit more clarity to parts of the narrative and help things feel a little less random and rushed. Bowey's scene, for example, and also the initial dinner scene with Laura's father teaching them a foreign language - that scene is pretty pivotal IMO, since it so starkly contrasts his character for the rest of the film. Seeing him as the "good" dad makes the rest all the more impactful.

Overall, great to see everything integrated and I'm glad that I had the option to view the deleted scenes in a rewatch of the film rather than in isolation. I do think that a lot of these scenes improve the film and that a balanced cut is the way to go; one that leaves out stuff that is more or less irrelevant to the main plotline with Laura.

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