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While my appreciation for David's theatrically-released version has grown over time, and while I understand how its leaner focus on the Palmer family makes for so harrowing a narrative, I find that this edit's restoration of the so-called Missing Pieces creates the juxtaposition between the quaint Americana and the seedy underbelly that had so many fans fall in love with the original series. Further, by lengthening the amount of time the viewer spends with Agent Desmond in Deer Meadow, the underlying ideas of it as an inversion or shadow of the original story are allowed to percolate, whereas the theatrical version plays much more "yeah, we couldn't get Kyle back for this" and "why are we not even in Twin Peaks in the Twin Peaks movie?" for general audiences.

When screening the series for people who haven't seen it, I will show them the theatrical version first such that they can understand the cultural context of its reception, but for my own use, for my own money... this is the version I go to and think of when I reflect on Fire Walk With Me.

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