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(Updated: October 15, 2023)
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CONFESSION: I'm a Twin Peaks nut.

Admission: Despite being a fan, I really can't get over the many self inflicted wounds that the series (and film ) inflict upon itself....but that's David Lynch for you.

This edit does a masterful job of integrating all the available material for a full experience.
Full marks.

The downside is pacing and narrative.

I've watch this twice now...once when it cam out, and more recently. I Can't ignore the impact on pacing and focus that the additional material has despite much of it being tasty morsels of PEAKNESS.

The new series suffered from the same issues, and as such this imapct NARRATIVE and my ultimate enjoyment of the piece.

I would love to see a more aggressive edit around this material in time to bring this into a more cohesively paced experience, but save to say, its still a hell of a ride, and pleasurable for the most part. I won't dwell on what worked and what did not, since that hjas been covered in previous reviews.

My scores for Narrative and enjoyment would be a 9 for the original, and the downgrade reflects the weight of material.

Nevertheless this is a Highly Recommended for fans.
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