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(Updated: August 04, 2014)
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The edit is good but some things would be improved if you simply followed the script or the script-to-screen analysis, in my opinion. Like you would've figured out where to put Laura and Bobby at the locker and Bobby and the fake drugs (hint: it's not after the heartbreaking school montage, which you also could've figured out by the outfit she's wearing). The ending feels awkward. It makes sense to end with the angel scene because time in the lodge is non-linear but having the shot of Laura's corpse after the "some months later" scenes does not work because time in the real world is, of course, linear -- even as an artistic choice it came off as a bit sloppy. Coop's last scene in The Black Lodge in The Missing Pieces is actually supposed to be the last scene before Laura's Angel. If you look at the crossfade between Laura's corpse in the theatrical cut and Coop's face in The Missing Pieces, they both lead into the same shot.

The crossfade between Buenos Aires and the shot of the security cameras felt unnecessary, as with the fading in and out of the trucker scene (which could have just cut to on the last beat of Norwegian music).

The Norma/Ed truck scene felt strange where you put it. It might've worked better right before The Roadhouse scene, I don't know. I just think the Partyland sequences shouldn't be disturbed.

Also, the fan scene is in there twice. The shortened version in the theatrical version (right before Cooper tells Albert the killer will strike again) should have just been cut. It's too obviously the same scene, as noted by Laura's top.

The several different subtitle fonts could've been corrected if you'd just used the MK2 bluray as your source for the Partyland and Black Lodge scenes, as that release doesn't have any subtitles. That way, you could just add them using the Missing Pieces font which appears to be a variation of Century Gothic. I'm sure you could have later color-corrected the scenes to match the recent blu-ray but I guess that's what happens when you pump out a fan edit in a week.

The "Special Thanks" credit, while nice, was extremely distracting and took me right out of the final moment. It's such a beautiful scene and that last shot of Laura is the only time we really see her happy in the film except now -- I can't see anything.

Nice job on everything else though! Bloody good regardless of the short amount of time you did it in! Perhaps a V2 down the line...

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