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(Updated: August 25, 2014)
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So, this is it, yesterday me and my friends finally enjoyed V2.1 of this fan-edit.
Expectations were high, the mood was on top when the lights were dimmed and it all started...

To begin with, let me make clear that the version we enjoyed was the Mp4 one, I'm sure that the real BR version would have been even better in the very well built home cinema that we enjoyed this in, but still we felt that the sound was well mastered and picture quality was as good as one can expect from this kind of compressed file, so don't cry if this is the only version you can find, it will do Q2's work justice.

It's very hard to ignore that fact that the extra and extended scenes are a product of Lynch, not Q2, if he hadn't had this great material to work with this wouldn't have been possible, so sometimes I felt that it was hard to put credit where it was due.
To be more to the point I sometimes feel that this is the way that Lynch would have wanted it cut if he had had the freedom to do what he wanted back in the day when this was released. That may make it sound like Q2 didn't do a good job or at least not much of a job, wasn't it all just cut and paste? But in truth you should instead ask yourself, didn't he do an amazing job?
To cut, edit, master and do all the work and tweaking needed to make this a whole and still convince me and also my friends sitting next to me that this is just what Lynch intended and would have wanted, it has to be good, it has to have been hard work and it absolutely has to deserve praise!

Let's leave Lynch behind for a while and talk about me, my friends, the audience, is this what we wanted?
Is this true to what we feel Twin peaks is? Oh Yes, it really is.
It was more than I expected when it comes to added story elements, a deeper explanation of the whole plot around Laura Palmer and this fan-edit or cut really has great value in the lore of Twin Peaks.
One of the ways I put value on a cut is by asking myself, would I pay for it, in other words, would I buy it on Bluray/DVD?
In this case the answer it's YES, not because of added playtime, that's to cheap, it doesn't always add to the story but in this case it truly does and I'd really like to point out that Q2s love for this material really shines trough.
Now some may say that this is a far to long movie cut this way..and they are right, no question about it, at least for one whole sitting, me and my friends were clever enough to take a break midway, it gave time for reflection and well need lift of spirit because let's face it, this is a dark story if there ever was one.
The original cut is a ride straight to hell and this one isn't any brighter believe me.
But heavy as it is and even heavier in this cut it should never be ignored,
this was an essential movie and Q2 has made it even more of "must see".

The final verdict from me would be that this is exactly that, a "must see" for all Twin Peaks fans.
This is what we all dreamed that the new boxset would contain but instead we got bits and pieces...
however these bits and pieces were merged together into a true holy grail, the one we have been searching for and dreaming of for all these years and it seems it will remain a fading legend since it scared the shit out of CBS..
who probably thought "My God this is good, why didn't we do this?" and pushed Q2 to hide this one up his sleeve forevermore.

My final words are aimed at Q2 himself: "Take credit for this one, be proud, this was so well made that they had to force you to hide it, that says it all."

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