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I'm an avid David Lynch fan and I've watched Twin Peaks straight through many a time. Season 2 becomes a slog, many know that. I'm normally not keen on Lynch fan edits, but considering that he didn't have as much input in this stretch of episodes, a fan edit seemed appropriate for this case.

MisterCooper worked fantastically to trim the clumsier elements from the later third of the series, resulting in two fewer episodes when everything's said and done. Some highlights:

- James's arc is stripped to its bare essentials, giving more of a glimpse into his soap opera escapades rather than languishing in it. I consider that this works, as the less of this content, the better.
- Little Nicky is gone.
- Ben Horne's Civil War charade is reduced to a single-scene inclusion.
- Windham Earle is handled verrrrrry differently. While I appreciate his character in the original show, the restraint in his inclusion here works to boot the mystique of his presence.

The edit itself is technically tight and the narrative holds together with greater tension and a more focused mystery. My only qualm is the inconsistent runtime of the separate episodes, but I understand that managing this while stitching together a fragmented story would be difficult. In the case of marathoning, this note is minor anyhow.

I'd suggest any fan of Twin Peaks give this edit a shot, definitely for any nonpurist who struggles through season 2.

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