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FanMix March 04, 2022 3318
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I finally got around to watching this edit after watching SUG about a year ago. This really does take a different narrative from the other film and is a great companion to SUG in every way. For instance, there isn't a single scene with Anya Taylor-Joy in UGS. This focuses on Kevin's alters' relationship with his psychiatrist for that end of the story. It was an excellent watch, only a couple things stuck out in my mind as I watched the film. There isn't much context to suggesting Kevin was shot twice. Also, the doctor's reveal at the end was missing something. It was just a bit too quick. Overall this is a worthwhile watch, and definitely recommend it if you had seen SUG. UGS can't exactly stand on it's own and needs to be propped up a bit with the other film.

Wraith consistently delivers good edits and makes some great choices when it comes to keeping the flow moving. This was a great companion to SUG in every way. As a set it's the definitive way to enjoy the Eastrail 177 trilogy. Thank you for all the work you put into this.

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