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A film I have watched numerous times. Indeed, I first saw this the way it was meant to be viewed, at a drive-in, in the early 1970‘s. This carried a heady, late 60’s vibe of freedom vs control.
For me. 15MaF’s version is something between an edit and a preservation. Minor tweaks and restoration.

Filesize = 4.9 GB. Video = 1920 X 832. Audio = 5000 kbps, 5.1 AAC. No subs.

Straight off, this is HEVC h265, which neither my BluRay nor my main computer could handle. I downgraded this to h264, and that is the version I watched. If at all possible, watch as 15MaF crafted!

As indicated, the editor has cropped this for a greater widescreen experience. This is hit and miss for me. I live in a region under what could be defined as big sky. That is missing in this, though it is a wider experience for the eye.

The sound mix throbs! Everything seems dialed to 11, which the way to experience those supercharged V8’s. Although no subtitles, dialogue is clear.

The Charlotte Rampling sequence is included, edited in nicely. Her dialogue is stilted, acceptable for a chimera, and a quiet breath before the final rush.

Extras include an alterative, alternative ending.
Gearheads, get this! Pedal to the floor.

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