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This edit was a fun watch. You would be hard-pressed to really notice anything was cut or rearranged. It all worked flawlessly. The picture quality was solid and audio was smooth all the way through.

I must say, I really enjoyed the Marvel 'Easter eggs' included in the movie. I will not spoil them, but they were easy to spot. They were edited into the movie rather seamlessly - I could not tell that they were forced in.

I also thought the editor may have somewhat read my mind regarding the cuts to the humor. In many of these Marvel movies, I like the comedy, but there is a tendency for the 'jokes' to get completely out of control and turn what would be a good movie into a satirical cringefest. The trims made throughout left the movie with a reasonable toned down humor that I enjoyed without crossing the line.

Other cuts that worked well included those that made the characters whine less, which made them appear stronger. I also liked making the primary villain not appear blatantly evil so quickly. The rearranging of a few scenes along with the removal of the ridiculous '6 months later' title card helped improve the narrative structure and the pacing. The title card was never needed - it just ruins the flow of the movie. The audience is better off under the impression that events are moving quickly.

The only real weakness I noted in the narrative was that at the end of the movie several people were being possessed by the symbiote and surviving, which contradicted the near 100% mortality shown to the audience at the beginning of the movie. Is there an editing trick around this? I doubt it, but it is something to take note of.

I want to really thank the editor for this one. As I had a thrill watching this, I will likely revisit this one in the near future. I would strongly recommend this edit to others - particularly those who like some well-timed dark humor mixed in with a fast-paced thriller.

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