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So I watched this edit knowing very little about the faneditor's intentions. I didn't read a cutlist or any reviews etc. With that said, here is my review:

Interesting choice for the opening "Do you find me sadistic?" yet keeping out "this is me at my most masochistic". However I did like that the pregnancy test in the hotel is at the beginning, very nice choice!

So a few gripes:
- No custom title card for the fanedit title? While not a necessity it's always nice to have a title card with the fanedit title but that's JMO.
- I see you split up the airport/buying tickets/flying sequences, but there is a bit of sound and video from those sequences that are left in, and its slightly jarring, granted I am really nitpicking, but it would have been easy to trim those off, but again, this doesn't really take away from the edit
- So my biggest gripe is no english subtitles for the foreign language parts. I understand that it can be a pain to deal with subtitles when editing when they are not hardcoded into the source material to begin with. But IMO the audience misses a lot because of this. Sure we remember the gist of what they are saying because we've seen the theatrical cut, but there are long monologues (i.e. Hattori Hanzo and Pai Mei) that you can't simply infer the meaning from the visuals.

On to what I liked!
- There is a bit of excellent audio editing here that I really have to applaud you on. It is when you crossfade the audio from Hattori Hanzo presenting the sword to The Bride and transitioning to Bud getting out of his truck at the Strip Club parking lot. The music lingers and then there is a sudden stop as Bud slams the car door shut. This was just an awesome stylistic choice.

- Next bit of awesomeness was the sort of montage that you did after The Bride kills O-Ren. You have Bud saying that woman deserves her revenge, and Elle saying she must suffer til her last breath and The Bride asking Bill how he found her. It was an excellent prelude to the final showdown between Bill and The Bride.

- Lastly, it was nice to have the complete color version of the Crazy 88 fight

You definitely achieved your intention with this edit. This is a more streamlined version that does an excellent job of combining the two movies and giving it a relatively more chronological narrative. A very solid firstling. Nice work!

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