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TV-to-Movie August 15, 2012 2824
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I had not seen any of Walking Dead before watching g1or's edit. But this was a fantastic introduction to the series. I am no stranger to TV-to-Movie fanedits (I've watched several and made one myself) and I realize what a difficult undertaking it is. To craft a single narrative arc out of something that is episodic in nature requires serious skill in both editing and storytelling. g1or manages to pull it off quite well.

The audio editing was invisible to me. The visual editing was ok but to nitpick just a bit some of the fade outs and ins were a bit abrupt but I understand that they were necessary for the edit. Other than that I don't have many complaints.

This edit left me wanting more. I had lots of questions after I finished. What happened to the guy who was handcuffed on the roof? What did the CDC guy whisper to the sheriff? etc.

I'm not usually a fan of zombie stuff but g1or's edit may have convinced me to start watching Walking Dead.

Nice work g1or!

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