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When I first saw this edit several months ago, I must confess that I was rather nonplussed by it. The original Star Wars trilogy is so masterful in its plot structure that this mash-up of EMPIRE and JEDI seemed nearly heretical to me. And as enjoyable as it was to see the deleted scenes from the Blu-ray in this film, they did slow down the overall pacing of the edit.

However, as time passes, my respect for WotS II has only increased, even as my opinion of other fan edits remains unchanged. There's so much creativity and imagination brimming from this release, it's impossible not to love.

While many fan edits are attempts to correct errors in the film, as with the many prequel edits, this film plays simply as a "What if?" This is what a Star Wars sequel might have looked like in an alternate universe.

As such, The Man Behind the Mask expertly weaves in footage from the other movies, such as REVENGE OF THE SITH, to create a wholly different viewing experience. He even adds in his own special effects to help tell the story, with astonishingly believable results (that is, it looks like this is the way the movie was supposed to play in the first place).

His alternate version of what happened to Darth Vader after the Death Star; his variation on the Wampa attack; the alternate arrival at Dagobah; his version of the tree vision; the way the scene *actually* plays out in his version; Luke's temptation in the Emperor's throne room; and the corker twist at the end -- every part of those scenes is a work of genius.

If you're a fan of STAR WARS, by all means check out this alternate take. It's a remix that you won't soon forget.

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