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August 12, 2009 @ 3:38 am

I loved Watchmen. Loved the comic, loved the theatrical cut, loved the directors cut. Still is my favorite movie this year. When I saw that geKKo had made a condensed cut of it, I was intrigued. While I hadn’t seen any of his work, he obviously had a lot of experience making condensing fanedits (Go Fast Edition).

Technical: I downloaded the M4V file and the quality was to be expected. I had no issue watching it full screen on my computer monitor (20″ 1680×1050). My one issue is that it looked like the video was zoomed in from the 2.4 AR the theatrical and directors cut had to the 1.85 AR the fanedit has. I’m not sure if this is a creative decision or not. It doesn’t effect the viewing that much, aside from some credits that get cut off during the title sequence.

Edits: I was amazed. Legacy cuts a lot of the depth and detail the directors cut had, but the end product is still a very good movie. I didn’t find myself actively missing material for the most part, save two sections. One is when one of the leaders of industry hints at a possible inquiry to Commie connections Veidt might have in his past, and the other is Dan having problems getting it up. The former gives Veidt a reason to say the line “So you want to know about my past?” and the latter gives Dan a reason for being afraid of his suit. Both kind of come out of nowhere in this edit. Aside from that, terrific editing choices.

Replacement Quality: For those who are already big Watchmen fans, this will not replace the Director’s Cut. For those who disliked the movie for either it’s pretentiousness or it’s length, Watchmen Legacy might help you appreciate the film more. Regardless, anyone interested should seek this edit out. It’s one of the shining examples of condensing a movie without losing the core themes and plot. I’ll definitely be looking at geKKo’s other edits.

Note: Haters of blue penis and those looking for a PG-13 cut need not apply. Watchmen Legacy is still a hard R and Doc’s schlong is still proudly on display.
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