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July 28, 2009 @ 9:50 pm

What can I say I loved this fanedit. I didn’t care for the graphic novel, and don’t understand the obssesiveness over it. When I saw this I thought it was distractingly violent which took me out of the film and way too film school arty. Also it was unnecessarily long, everyone around me was snoring. But I do think Zack Snyder shot a good film its just not what ended up on the screen and the directors cut didn’t help. The main problem I had with this movie is that it felt like a pg-13 family film that had some extreme gore tagged on and a sex scene so it could be considered serious and adult. Your edit streamlined the film and was flawless, i couldn’t remember what was missing except for the really bad makeup scenes. The violence was kept in tact which made it even more graphic because everything was so compact, the removal of a lot of the songs was great and seamless. What can I say The Watchmen I saw in cinemas I give 5 stars for it looking good but had this version been released it would have made twice the money cut out a lot of bad word of mouth and pissed off the exact same amount of watchmen fans. Had it been pg-13 it would had made 3 times the amount of cash but I give props to warners for risking on the directors vision. Probably one of the best fanedits I’ve seen technically and which improved upon the viewing experience of someone who doesn’t care for the watchmen and gave them an entertaining version of the same story without the cutesy ending leaving you something to think about.
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