Week of April 2nd, 2023 – New Fanedits

5 new edits this week:



Compiling Wrath of Khan Redux by Wraith

“A making of video for the two Star Trek II Wrath of Khan edits to showcase the work of fan VFX artists.”



The Hobbit: The Third Age (a LotR film continuity miniseries) by EddieDean

“This is a Movie-to-TV edit based on AdamDens’ ‘The Hobbit: The Original Two-Film Structure’, with a few further tweaks.”



Marvel The TV Series: Season 2 by NOTFLIX

“In order to enjoy the MCU in the most orderly, apprehensible and dynamic way possible, all the interconnected MCU becomes a TV show: reordered, reformatted, post credits scenes rearranged to avoid spoilers, detailed “previously” recaps created and some key deleted scenes added to each episode. Including all the One-Shots, Disney+ Marvel TV shows, Specials… even commercials! Plus, crossover with the X-Men (FOX) and Spider-Man (Sony) alternate universes in a narratively consistent way.”



Sorcerer: Wages of Fear by Framesniffer

“Wages of Fear improves the original structure of Sorcerer by introducing the prologue vignettes in a complimentary way, that feels more meaningful and purposeful, to help move the story along whilst also revealing important information about key characters, as their story in the present unfolds. Wages of Fear remains faithful to the original film in terms of editing style, music and overall pace but also layers some much-needed TLC over areas of the original edit that felt rushed or were jarring.”



Halloween Ends: Extended Cut by kidjupiter92

“Being in what appears to be a small minority, I enjoyed the movie for what it is, and its that enjoyment that made me want to create an extended edition that reintegrated all of the deleted and extended scenes to create the longest cut of the film possible. I am proud to present Halloween Ends: Extended Cut.”


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