Week of April 30th, 2023 – New Fanedits

9 new edits this week:



Strangers on a Train: The Terminus Cut by recordwrangler95

“My latest Hitchcock “micro-edit” — while there’s two widely available cuts of Strangers on a Train, the early preview edition (erroneously called the “British cut”) and the theatrical edition (the “Hollywood cut”), neither reflected Hitchcock’s preferred choice for the ending, which would end with the line “a very clever fellow” instead of the Warner Bros-demanded coda with the supporting characters. I’ve used the theatrical cut as the basis to restore Hitch’s preferred ending.”



The Terminator: Enhanced Edition by krausfadr

“The purpose of this edit is to improve the low budget, outdated VFX so it still feels like a 1984 Terminator movie, but the laughable moments like painfully obvious Schwarzenegger mannequins and choppy stop motion animation are fixed. This edit does not change the film’s narrative or add deleted scenes.”



A Handful of Dollars by ThePotatoParadox

“A wandering gunfighter plays two rival families against each other in a town torn apart by greed, pride, and revenge.”



White Water Summer: Revisited by Livingoblivion and Silentpete

“White Water Summer was a solid piece of 80’s escapist fun. However, it was painfully undercut by the insertion of present tense cuts scenes that frame the events of the film as a flashback. The sole intention of this edit was to remove these cuts scenes and to allow the film to play out in a linear fashion without the interruption of these intrusive moments.”



Live Free or Die Hard: The Bailey Cut by Bailey

“[intention: ]To add back in what was removed from the theatrical version to make the unrated version and to trim the over the top F35 scene.”



Dawn of Justice: A Snyderverse Miniseries by WilliamRedRobin

“With the upcoming second attempt at a DC cinematic universe, I thought it would be nice to recontextualise the DC movies from the last decade as a complete and self-contained Justice League origin story more in line with how movie series were pre-2010. I’ve tried to remove implications of a larger cinematic universe beyond normal worldbuilding, as well as trying to address common criticisms and my own issues with each movie.”



Mathilda by ArtisDead and futon88

“This is Luc Besson’s “Leon” re-framed to be more Mathilda-centric, with Leon’s story revealed more slowly, but also in a more ambiguous way. What brought him to this moment? You decide. Featuring many songs from the 80’s and 90’s, and leaning heavily into female vocalists, the soundscape taps onto Mathilda’s motivations and emotional states at key moments in the story.”



Scream 2: The Extended Sequel by Bobson Dugnutt

“Two new, deleted and alternate scenes have been remastered and reintegrated into the film, with Scream 2 now being two minutes longer! What is it with twos!?”



Scream 3: The Extended Threequel by Bobson Dugnutt


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