Week of August 9th, 2020 – New Fanedits

Three edits for you this week:


Doom: Olduvai by youngy94

[Intention:] To remove all the unnecessary dialogue throughout the movie to speed up the pace as well as bring a more serious tone and to make the movie worthy of being called Doom. I will also try to add things that bring back some nostalgia for many people that played the original games including myself.

Lazarus by JobWillins

This edit combines material from Southland Tales and The Rundown to tell the story of two souls who travel to the 4th dimension, the rest is completely open to interpretation.

Babylon 5 Project VI: The Fall of Night by subjectzero
The Babylon 5 Project aims to focus on the arc stories of the TV show by creating a series of films. This creates a more streamlined rewatch of Babylon 5 for those who want to maximize the arc without having to watch the mostly stand-alone episodes with arc storylines in them.


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