Week of February 4th, 2024 – New Fanedits

Four new edits this week:



Black Sabbath: The Three Faces Of Fear by PoorAndin

“A three-part horror anthology hosted by Boris Karloff.”



Diary of a Madman by Dawnrazor

“I wanted to make a different version of this quite boring remake that Gus Van Sant gave us. Cut out a lot of scenes to speed things up and rescore it with a 80’s vibe.”



Superman Epic by PanteraSteel

“When you watch this I want you to feel like WBD released a brand new 4 hour Blu ray of Superman without any new fancy VFX or anything. It is just a straight up re-edit utilizing all HD footage possible to drastically improve the movie. NO major changes, I don’t want you to notice that I edited anything. I’m just trying to make the best film possible using all the available high quality footage. I almost want to call it THE SIMPLE MAN’S CUT.”



Andor: The Movie Omnibus – Season One by EddieDean

“This is Andor season one, rearranged into four movies of roughly two hours each, removing no content whatsoever, just focused on each of the four main arcs and rearranging some scenes to keep as much relevant content as possible contained to those arcs’ movies, for slightly easier focus and consumption.”


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