Week of February 5th, 2023 – New Fanedits

14 new edits this week:



Texhnolyze: 20th Anniversary HD Remastered by MisterCooper

“I took on the task to clean up one of the most obscure Anime’s you’ve never seen and just in time for it’s 20th anniversary too.”



Wolf Creek ’99: A Mister Cooper Fanfix by MisterCooper

“This edit introduces the characters straight away and gets them on their road trip to Wolf Creek without the unneeded party, buying junk cars, mailing postcards and morning after scenes. This version has a new opening and ending and fixes a lot of the films pacing issues and includes an updated 90’s soundtrack.”



The Bourne Legacy: A Burnt Outcome by Bobson Dugnutt

“A film that spends too much time trying to wrap up the previous entry in Act I, and not enough time with our new hero. A Burnt Outcome tries to cut down the opening 15 minutes of the film, while carefully trimming a few over the top action elements, and adds back 3 new deleted scenes to advance the plot and improve the characters.”



Spider-Man 3: The Continuity Cut by DonkeyKonga

“So again as always people who are familiar with my edits know what’s coming: A streamlines version of Spider-Man 3 that tries it’s best to fit in with the previous two films. No Uncle Ben plot, Harry fakes his insomnia, Mary Jane isn’t forced to break up are the biggest changes.”



Camp Camp Season 4: Genuine Edition by Revan100

“This edit shortens RoosterTeeth’s fourth season of Camp Camp by having a handful of episodes edited and streamlined into one experience with the remaining episodes removed entirely. Certain characters, redundant aspects, and political references are also removed.”



Jason and the Agnostics: Super Cut by The Scribbling Man

“Using my B+ Movie Edition as a foundation (including animation enhancements), this cut completely removes the Olympus scenes, as well as any explicit reference to the gods’ interference. This, alongside a few more liberal trims, allows for an action-focused cut for when you just want to blitz through the film, cut to the chase and enjoy a fast-paced adventure.”



Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge Of The Sith (The Dark Side Cut) by Kobe Skywalker

“Kobe Skywalker’s The Dark Side Cut of Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge Of The Sith improves upon the original release by making numerous cuts and trims to increase the serious tone of the darkest entry in the saga. Several cringe inducing scenes are removed, single weaker script lines are trimmed, and a few poorly acted moments are cut.”



The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: The Rescored Cut by doyoulikescarymovies

“Upon watching this film for the first time, It felt like the most intense scenes were not done justice because there was no music in those scenes.”



The Postman: Spark of Hope by theomega

“The United States as we know it is destroyed in the climax of a Civil war. Years after the nuclear event a vicious band of raiders, led by the ruthless General Bethlehem, reign terror among the survivors in the Oregon region. In these desperate times a postman is send to restore communication routes and unintentionally ignites a spark of hope which inevitably crashes with General Bethlehem and his minions.”



Red River: Bogdanovich Cut by ParanoidAndroid

“Implementing the suggestion of the eponymous filmmaker and critic, to make what he considered the theoretically ideal version of this iconic 1948 western.”



Pulp Fiction: The Chronological Cut by doyoulikescarymovies

“When watching this for the first time, I felt like there needed to be a version of this masterpiece in chronological order.”



Ambulance: Cut to the Chase by Dawnrazor

“I almost fell asleep watching the original version. The pace is very uneven and the film is too long to keep your attention. This edit makes it more to the point.”



No Time To Die: The Traditional Cut by Scottcrane

“This version has a much shorter pre-tite sequence (with a ‘bloody’ gun barrel), and in the end, Bond isn’t poisoned and doesn’t die.”




Riddick: Mercenary Station P7 by futon88

“From IMDB: This edit removes the framing story, most of the misogyny, makes an effort to be kinder to the animals, layers in new music, and re-orders the score for a more compelling experience.”


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