Week of January 7th, 2024 – New Fanedits

Happy New Year! We kick off 2024 with 5 new edits:



Legend: European Theatrical Cut Restoration by kidjupiter92

“After reconstructing the TV cut of Legend and finally replacing an old DVD I had of the Euro cut, I decided I wanted to update the 11-year-old HD transfer of the European theatrical cut using the Arrow Video restoration. This idea was also spurred on by the fact that Arrow Video had the footage for Euro Cut on hand and included bits and pieces of it in a bonus feature available on their set, but weren’t allowed to release a restoration of the cut because of rights issues and no cooperation on the part of a certain House of Mouse. So I am glad to present the European theatrical cut of Legend restored.”



The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers – The Precious Edition by DonkeyKonga

“Two Towers is an amazing film. It is however sometimes a bit.. off. Helms Deep is absolutely amazing, but the Ents storyline go nowhere. I aim to adress the films story and pacing issues. This edit is far more intrusive than the Fellowship of the Ring.”



The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King – The Precious Edition by DonkeyKonga

“Return of the King is in some ways the best film of the trilogy, and in other ways the worst films of the trilogy. Especially the extended edition. This edit is here to balance the extended edition out.”



The NeverEnding Story: The Atreyu Edit

“An extended version of the International Cut of this classic 80s fantasy.”




The Other Guys – The Peacock Cut by Jasonflippy

“”The Other Guys,” a buddy cop comedy set against the Ponzi schemes of the 2000’s, starring Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell, directed by Adam McKay, could have been SUCH a great movie if it didn’t end up so silly and underdeveloped. I have made our lead characters into good, intelligent cops we actually want to root for and chopped many of the extreme, ridiculous jokes. The movie is now tightly-paced and a much more enjoyable comedy with a real heart.”


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