Week of July 16th, 2023 – New Fanedits

Three new edits this week:



Blade Runner: Black Lotus – The Movie Edit

“I’ve always loved the philosophical questions that the Blade Runner world poses. So I was very excited for Black Lotus, but ended up feeling frustrated at the end of almost every episode in season one, despite so many positives. Odd pacing in dialogue, weak writing, and an overall slow pace. The flashback episode was excruciating. After accepting that it is what it is, I tried to make the best of what we got.”



Mother Suspiriorum by Dawnrazor

“I wanted to make a faster paced Noir version in black/white.And to rescore it with German krautrock legends Tangerine Dream.”



Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – Redux by lantern51

“I felt this was the best of the Disney Star Wars movies. However, I also thought it could feel a bit more Star Wars like. So I added wipes to the movie and recolored it to feel like an older movie that was upgraded to HD instead of a movie filmed in HD. I also cut the moments that felt a little out of place or I just didn’t enjoy.”


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