Week of June 9th, 2024 – New Fanedits

Two new edits this week…

Shawshank The Duality Cut

Shawshank – The Duality Cut

“This edit intercuts between two timelines. The first one taking place mostly after Andy escapes, the second one taking place before his escape.”

SUPERMAN EPIC as Originally Intended Cover‚Äč

SUPERMAN EPIC as Originally Intended

“When you watch this I want you to feel like WBD released a brand new 4 hour Blu ray of Superman without any new fancy VFX or anything. It is just a straight up re-edit utilizing all HD footage possible to drastically improve the movie. NO major changes, I don’t want you to notice that I edited anything. I’m just trying to make the best film possible. I almost want to call it THE SIMPLE MAN’S CUT.”

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