Week of May 14th, 2023 – New Fanedits

10 new edits this week:



Shuri: Black Panther II by tremault

“A story about Princess Shuri and her struggle to deal with the loss of family. The theatrical release fell over itself to tell multiple stories about multiple characters, this edit reduces the focus on other characters and remains fixed on Shuri and Namor.”



Terminator 3: The Coming Storm HD – The B-Movie Cut by Bailey

An HD rebuild of Uncanny Antman’s iconic T3 fanedit.



Spies Like Us: The Bailey Cut by Bailey

“This is the “Spies Like Us” that you know and love, but with a little less slapstick.”



Superman’s Family Album by recordwrangler95

“This short film is comprised of all of the “Superman’s Family Album” segments at the end of each episode of the 1988 Ruby-Spears Superman TV cartoon. All together, the film tells the story of Clark Kent’s infancy/childhood/adolescence in Smallville as he becomes Superman. A comfy, wholesome version of Superman’s origin, perfect for a Saturday morning!”



Halloween: Season of the Witch [raymix] by Ray Danger


Halloween: The Return of Michael Myers [raymix] by Ray Danger


“I’ve made extensive alterations in order to Shape my ideal version. Many changes have been made to strengthen continuity, remove filler & improve pacing.”



Cats: The Better Edit by fiftyeighthens

“When I first saw the film, I enjoyed its bizarre energy and lack of self-awareness: it’s a spectacle of misguided creativity (and a bit of a train wreck). However, the film regularly sags at certain points by becoming repetitive or confusing, which dilutes that enjoyment. By tightening it in this manner, I think it retains its momentum much better than the original.”



The Final Countdown: The SilentPete Edit by Silentpete

” This is one of those forgotten gems from the 80’s. It is a great film, with a simple idea, that is pulled off quite well. However, the film is bogged down with excessive shots and sequences showcasing the Navy. This is a version of the film with the bulk of those scenes either cut or trimmed down, as well as some other bits here and there.”



Kill Bill: The Massacre Cut by Caleb Scott

“This is an edit that combines both of the Kill Bill movies into 1, while keeping the runtime of just 1 of the movies. Large scenes and small cuts are used to achieve this, and a re-structuring to a more chronological order has been done also.”



Kill Bill: Cinemassacre at Two Pines by Croweyes1121

“A realization of the “Cinemassacre Edit”, as described in the YouTube link at the end of this description. [see IFDB page]”



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