Week of May 21st, 2023 – New Fanedits

4 new edits this week:


last starpete_front

The Last Starfighter: The Silent Pete Edit by SilentPete

“[intention:] I felt the movie would be stronger and faster with a focus on Alex and his mission.”



Red River: Special Edition by ParanoidAndroid

“Another very slight edit of this Howard Hawks masterpiece, with a little more modification than done in my earlier ending-changing Bogdanovich Cut.”



Halloween: The Revenge of Michael Myers by Ray Danger

“I’ve made extensive alterations in order to Shape my ideal version. This is my most sliced & diced edit to date. Not much more that 60 seconds go by without a change. I’ve restored the deleted Dr. Death footage, replacing the Mountain Man character & reintegrated the censored gore. Many changes have been made to strengthen continuity, remove filler & improve pacing.”



The Dark Knight Ascends by DonkeyKonga

“I noticed there is a lack of TDKR edits and I’m starting to realise why: The movie isnt fun. It has downright rediculous moments, and it reduces it’s main villain to a love interest. On top of this we have a rediculous nuke that goes off in a minute.”


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