Week of November 12th, 2023 – New Fanedits

Four new edits this week:



Batman Forever: Restored by luc4vacalnti

“The objective of this fanedit is to try to restore, with all the discarded material available to the public, what would be the most complete version of the film possible to honor director Joel Schumacher and his pop culture opera approach to the Dark Knight.”



The MST-HD Remaster Project Vol. 2: Godzilla vs Megalon by SeaCom

“An ongoing project that seeks to remaster classic episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000 using the best available HD film sources in their original aspect ratio.”



Star Trek Beyond: To Explore Strange New Worlds by lapis molari

“The mission then: to improve pacing, trim the most distracting camera work, and more. This fanedit of ST Beyond is improved by a calmer camera style: reduced moving shots in action scenes (less Fast & Furious). Trimmed jokes, less time spent crashing the Enterprise, less time stuck on the planet, smoother final battle: all improve the pacing. Krall’s dialog improves his motivation. Extended shot of the Yorktown, because wow!”



My Fair Lady: Audrey Sings! by catferoze

“Marni Nixon’s dubbing of Audrey Hepburn’s singing has been almost completely replaced with recordings of Audrey’s voice (only “The Rain In Spain” remains of Marni Nixon).”


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