Week of October 1st, 2023 – New Fanedits

5 new edits this week:



Reservoir Dogs: Redux by FrameSniffer

“This edit gives Reservoir Dogs a little TLC, without altering the structure or the chronology of the original film.”



The Mystery of the Bat-Man by WillamRedRobin

“Enjoy this noir classic as it was originally presented in the 1940s, and see if you can solve the mystery:
Who is the Bat-Man?”



Ben 10: Alien Swarm – Reloaded Edition by Revan100

“Experience the second live action Ben 10 movie with a slightly toned down Max, less jump cuts, and a small hint that foreshadows Elena’s involvement in Ben 10: Ultimate Alien.”



The Dark Knight: IMAX 1.43:1 Restoration by teymourb

“The purpose of this restoration is to recreate the IMAX 1.43:1 presentation of The Dark Knight by combining the widescreen 2.39:1 footage from the Blu-ray and the IMAX 1.43:1 sequences from the Special Features of The Dark Knight Trilogy Blu-ray (Special Edition).”



Star Trek: Regenerations by MightyAttackTribble

“A light edit that aims to tighten the pacing by re-editing the battle and crash sequences, restore some dignity (or give some that never existed to begin with) to several of the leading characters, and incorporates Spock into the denouement.”



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