Week of October 22nd, 2023 – New Fanedits

9 new edits this week:



Addams Family Chronicles by Eyepainter

” I thought it would be interesting to see what would happen if the two movies were combined into one. The combination worked better when it was focused on Uncle Fester, so I decided to let Uncle Fester be the central focus for the edit.”



Fast & Furious: The Series Cut by Bailey

“What is Fast and Furious: The Series Cut? It is all of the Fast and Furious movies (including Los Bandoleros, Tokyo Drift and Hobbs and Shaw) cut up into 30ish to 45ish minute episodes.”



James Bond 007 – Never Say Never Again: 40th Anniversary EON Cut by The World of James Bond

“Inspired by Blofelds Cat fanedit, ‘Never Say McClory Again’. This edit follows a similar path to turn this rogue 007 production into an EON style produced film.”



Jennifer’s Body Needless Nightmare by Samuel Lynch

“A newly-possessed high-school cheerleader turns into a succubus who specializes in killing her male classmates. Can her best friend put an end to the horror? This time with a brand new spanking soundtrack! And some other things.”



The Beacon: A Sopranos Edit by Jasonflippy

“This is a coma-only edit of two episodes from Season 6 of the Sopranos, telling the story of a salesman who can’t seem to find his way back to the world he came from. Something is happening, but he’s just not sure what, and finding out might be the last thing he ever does.”



9/11 Consecution by greenturnedblue

“This edit combines several sources of media depicting the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2011 into a two and a half hour presentation.”



Star Wars Episode III: Vengeance of the Dark Side – A Revenge of the Sith FanFixed Extended Edition by DsqrD Studio

““Vengeance of the Dark Side” tells a more complete story of Anakin Skywalker’s fall from renowned hero to the galaxy’s most dreaded villain by reinserting 5.75 previously deleted scenes (AI-upscaled to 4K and recolored into HDR).”



The Dark Crystal: Dreamfast by catferoze

“A partial reconstruction of an earlier version of The Dark Crystal which most notably excises the voiceovers, replaces most of the Skeksis English dialogue with an alien language (as found in the Bluray extras), rearranges and trims only a few scenes.”



Marvel: Unite – Season 1 by ducko

“Marvel: Unite takes the MCU Infinity Saga films and splits them into a TV series format with hour-long episodes. Each episode has a multi-narrative structure featuring scenes from various different movies, all inter-cut together. The series roughly tries to mirror the theatrical experience, with the films placed in their intended release order with little content added or removed, just restructured to be more approachable and more “binge-able.””


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