Week of October 29th, 2023 – New Fanedits

3 new edits this week:



Knock At The Cabin: The Choice Cut by Jasonflippy

“This movie in its original format feels like there should be more going on than there actually is, and it left me feeling unfulfilled and slightly annoyed. By removing as much of the filler and misleads as possible without hurting the flow of the narrative, I believe I have made a movie that treats its viewer with more respect while telling an interesting story with a fairly unique premise.”




The Hole in the Bottom of the World by WilliamRedRobin

“When Dane and his brother Lucas move from the big city to a small rural town, they believe their lives are set to become a lot more boring. Until they find a mysterious hole in the floor of their new basement…”



Marvel The TV Series: Season 4 by NOTFLIX

“In order to enjoy the MCU in the most orderly, apprehensible and dynamic way possible, all the interconnected MCU becomes a TV show: reordered, reformatted, post credits scenes rearranged to avoid spoilers, detailed “previously” recaps created and some key deleted scenes added to each episode. Including all the One-Shots, Disney+ Marvel TV shows, Specials… even commercials! Plus, crossover with the X-Men (FOX) and Spider-Man (Sony) alternate universes in a narratively consistent way.”



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