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(Updated: November 04, 2023)
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Blade Runner was never a “perfect” film (I mean, how many official versions, let alone fanedits, are there?), but this is far and away the best version of this stone classic cinematic achievement you’ll ever see.

I got the Final Cut blu ray years ago, and was one of those people who instead received an accidental workprint in the blu ray box. Followed the instructions, sent in for a replacement, waited weeks, got it, watched it once, and promptly discarded it, thinking at the time Ridley pulled a Coppola “Redux” and took his film one step too far.

The gratuitous gory closeups Scott added remain (the owl worked better), but in this presentation I am so enamored with this labor of love in relation to its respect in particular for the 1999 DVD that the blu ray is now in storage.

This edit is up there in Adywan territory; it is so lovingly and reverently crafted, the edits seamlessly integrated and “invisible”, the intentions solely focused on the strengths of the original, that I cannot stress enough its successes. They’re there because you’re unaware.

Bravo, and thank you, sir, for paying such reverent respect to this classic in a way Sir Ridley himself had a blind spot to.

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