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December 8, 2011 @ 8:56 am

Admittedly, I skipped the 2nd movie. But this sort of Cliff’s Notes version of these was a lot of fun.

Mostly, I really enjoyed the 1941 The Wolfman. Everything important was condensed perfectly; it had a great setup and a strong finale.

For the 2010 version, I think you proved that, even with that movie’s terrific visuals, nothing can make that movie work. The characters are NOT engaging, the pacing is slow, and there’s no one to care about. But none of that is your fault. Again, the way you boiled it down was really well done.

I’d've liked to have seen a DIFFERENT b&w/scratched film effect on the 2010 version, as seeing that it had the same scratches and pops in the SAME places was weird and a little distracting, but it was just all in good fun. So nice work!
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