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FanFix November 19, 2023 1722
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I want to thank Wakeupco and Silver Screen Samurai for their collaboration on this wonderful edit. First and foremost, removing most of that abysmal final act alone elevates the movie tremendously. It was nonsensical, poorly executed, and felt very underwhelming. Keeping the plot more narrow and more grounded was the much better choice as opposed to the desire to steal Logan’s immortality.

I do want to point out my only partial critique. The way the conflict ended seemed rather abrupt. We have Logan causing an explosion that makes it a bit ambiguous what happens to all the villains, and all of a sudden we transition to the closing of the movie. Some of the issue here has to do with my preexisting knowledge of the movie, which likely makes me really feel the way things end a bit too quickly.

Overall, the visual and audio quality appeared solid as I could not identify any noticeable problem. The partially newly created narrative throughout felt logical and coherent as I felt the motivations by all the characters seemed clear to me, particularly with the change in the English subtitles for Harada at the end.

I also liked the “extended” material added by Wakeupco to give this movie more of an adult-like feeling to it. Overall, this will be my go-to version of the movie as it has a more satisfying and grounded narrative. I again want to thank the editors for their hard work and recommend other X-Men fans to give this a shot.

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