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I have watched a few edits by Bailey, and therefore I came in watching with positive expectations. I was not disappointed. I will repeat what some other reviews already stated as positive changes such as removal of the poor CGI, condensing the action, removing Deadpool, and the removal of the poorly contrived Wolverine-Sabertooth as brothers. You also really do not notice if anything was cut as things flowed relatively smoothly throughout.

I also want to specifically point out that much of the “final battle” at the end was condensed. It has been a while since I watched the movie, but it does appear that a lot of the use of the computer mind control was removed, which was a positive change as that was disrupting the flow of the movie and came across like watching video game mind control.

I do wish there was a way to fix the most absurd plot line in this movie, which was the faked death. I know the editor [correctly] kept it in because it was central to the narrative, but it is completely absurd that someone with powers of persuasion had to trick Logan with the fake death. Heck, she could have freed her sister just by touching and persuading Stryker to let her go. She should have been given different mutant powers to make her motivations much more logical.

The other bizarre issue that I think an edit can fix by trimming out a few words pertain to the Wolverine legend told to Logan by Kayla. The scriptwriters incorrectly referenced the Wolverine animal as howling like a wolf even though they are not actually wolves.

Overall, Bailey takes out most the ‘bad’ aspects of the movie and leaves us with a much higher quality and entertaining movie. This is an edit for those who want a more down to earth version.

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