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(Updated: December 01, 2021)
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Stellar job at adding the new music while still making the dialogue cut through in the mix! Wish it had been in 5.1 with an LFE so I could rock out harder with Judas Priest. Phenomenal job on the movie title graphics as well as the end credits which were redone from scratch. Quite a labor of love there. I was not so enamored (and puzzled) with/by the after credits scene at the very end, but hey it was just for fun. I'm not a fan of the source. Given that, this is a fun edit. A lot more fun than the original movie--the novelty just wore thin for me after nearly an hour as the source material takes itself far far too seriously. At that point I should have turned it into a drinking game where you take a shot every time someone makes a wish..

I've updated the enjoyment rating on this. For me "enjoyment" comes from improving the original:

Below is how I view enjoyment:

Did this edit improve the original source(s)?
Not at all or made worse = 1
Some minor improvement = 4
Moderate improvement mostly by removing (not changing/adding) content = 6
Creative additions or changes with much improvement = 8
Transformative creativity with vast improvement = 10

Based on the above, I score the enjoyment at an 8.

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Thanks for the review!!

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