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March 16, 2009 @ 11:45 pm

I completely agree with mollo’s review.

The presentation is VERY cool, the fanediting choices are great and really improve on these already entertaining “movies”.

In “wrong turn” we get a lot less crappy dialogue and scott isn’t such a douche. The ending was kinda weird for me… I think the scene with the map was out of place here. For pacing, this could be removed and then we have them driving “past” the gas station and onto the highway. Also, i think this could have been tightened up a lot more. There is still a lot of dialogue that i was expecting to be removed for obvious, silly, reasons.

I found home to be a perfectly edited and realized connection to “wrong turn”. I actually haven’t seen it in a long time, so it was a mostly “new” experience. What was removed from “home” (some of the silly and unnecessary moments) help with the pacing and it now seems a lot more chaotic and creepy. Great job.

Also (and i’m probably outing myself somehow here), did anyone else realize that the kid pitching in the intro was ben from big love? I even had to look it up on IMDB just to be sure. (YEP!)

I DID find two video errors within “wrong turn”:
1. As scott moves the tonearm off of the record player there are repeated video frames.
2. As the crazy inbred archer brings the sherrif into the house there are more repeated video frames.

In both of these occasions, the audio does not go out of sync, so i’m guessing this is some sort of export/encoding issue. These WERE distracting, tho. Each time i stopped and watched each segment again just to be sure.

Wrong Turn:

entertainment 8/10
fanediting 8/10
video 8/10
audio 10/10
orginal 7/10
fanedit 8/10

total 8/10


entertainment 9/10
fanediting 9/10 (perfect!)
video 9/10 (slightly pixelated. a few shots could have been cropped better to 16:9 – especially the “home” location titlecard.)
audio 10/10 (no issues to report)
orginal 8/10 (good, but not great)
fanedit 9/10 (great! just the lack of cheese here puts this in a continued state of discomfort :) )

total 9/10

i rated this an 8/10
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