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I've always been a huge fan of The X-Files, way back to the original broadcast run. I can even remember the promo spots before it aired - What's with the music? Who's the redhead? Aliens and other weird shit? Cool. I watched religiously each week. The source material is now almost 20 years old and I still think that this show is one of the best ever created. I watched this edit years ago and never left a proper review. I watched it again recently and and thought I should fix that.

A/V Quality: Cropping the 4:3 ratio to 16:9 inevitably reduces the video quality. However, the end justifies the means in this case. The edit looks like a movie, not a TV show. The picture looks a little dark and I did notice some stuttering in scenes with motion, but it was not unwatchable. I think the sacrifices made to make it 16:9 were worth it.

Visual editing: Great job with removing the commercial fades, but there were still too many fade in/outs for my liking. I did notice one errant frame in the scene with Skinner, Mulder and the CSM, but no real issues otherwise.

Audio editing: No jarring, hard cuts. Perfectly fine.

Narrative: The toughest thing with a TV to movie fanedit is removing the episodic nature of the source material. I don't think that this edit succeeds with that, at least through the first half or so of the edit. The second half flows much nicer and it feels like a real movie. There are some strange scenes that did not seem to serve the plot and some scenes where plot points are introduced and not resolved (what happened to the helicopter chasing Mulder and Scully? Who is the cop in the woods calling for the fire department?). I think further cutting could have been made.

Enjoyment: Despite my criticisms above, I really enjoyed this edit. It's one of the few fanedits I've watched more than once, so I guess that's something. Fans of the X-Files will love this. If you're new to the series this is the perfect introduction. The only question left is, where are parts 2-9?
Owner's reply March 22, 2015

Thanks for the review. The criticisms are certainly fair, and I agree with them. This was my first fanedit, and it was definitely too big an undertaking for a first time editing attempt. Still, I'm pleased that people still generally seem to enjoy this edit.

As for parts 2-9(+) - they will happen. Real life has kept me busy, but the big delay is that I know that widescreen (as filmed) blu-rays are in our near future. I've seen glimpses, and they will be beautiful. This will greatly help my edits, and it may even allow me to go for a wider scope, like I originally planned.

Thanks again for the review

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