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Best intentions notwithstanding, the resultant edit remains locked in its episodic roots. Not that this is a bad thing. For me, the Season 01 paled in comparison with S02, S03 and S04. Influences from Outer Limits to Twin Peaks were readily apparent. It found an audience readily enough, but finding its narrative footing took longer.

This is an excellent introduction to X-Files, especially for newcomers. Neither Duchovny nor Anderson seem comfortable in their roles in the Pilot, though by Deep Throat, Duchovny had found his Mulder. The Erlenmeyer Flask section is by far the strongest. Anderson was secure with Scully, though she was heavily pregnant.

Video - Grain is to be expected, all my X-Files DVDs suffer from it. Cropping to create a widescreen view worsened this, but blacks remained solid and aside from a few pan jitters, the look was fine. Editing was quite good, though it is readily apparent when one episode concludes and another begins.

Audio - Solid work here, as well. Nothing hard or noticeable. Could do without the final music at the end. Editor’s perogative, I understand, but non Snow tunes ushered me out of the mood and I punched mute.

Narrative - The three episodes selected are wise choices of the earliest views on the various “myth” strands of arcs that would be elaborated and explored to dizzying heights in subsequent seasons. Did this feel like a movie? No - to me - never. The three stories never transition or connect well.

Enjoyment - Very much, I must say. Again, I am not a fan of S01. The show reeks FOX quality for most of that year. Aside from a handful of episodes, I never view that season. This edit, however, I suspect I will return to numerous times. If nothing else, it is a concise package showing Duchovny and Anderson grow into characters, and spotlights how swiftly the overall writing (plotlines, dialogue, characterizations) improved in quality.

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