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Bobson does another great job with his line of extended editions!

I especially appreciate the addition of the scenes with Scott and those with Moira — especially the one where Stryker is arrested, as it was a cool detail I was unaware of and makes sense given what she explains. That all said, I had two technical concerns with this edit.

There were no jarring changes at all until about a quarter of the way into the movie! During the scene with the guy and the camel, there’s a frame that disrupts the sequence right at 40:16. The way the camel peeks into the alley is also very cartoonish.. so it could be good to edit that scene down a bit for both tonal and visual editing purposes.

The only other issue I found was some white noise when Nightcrawler wakes up with a start at 2:22:00, which could be removed pretty easily.

Beyond these two concerns, the edit was excellent for me, and I enjoyed it a lot! That said, while the issues are small, they’re unfortunately noticeable enough to take me out of the movie. Absent an edit tidying up those bits, if I am ever to rewatch Apocalypse, I will likely stick with the original.

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