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I didn't go and see the film in the cinema, I waited for home release and then I watched the blu ray - I didn't like it but I had the full X-men collection.

Then I waited several months before watching this edit. When I watch a film that's forgettable, I always worry when I watch an edit many months later that I won't spot the additions, in edits where a film has been trimmed I find it advantageous to the editor because I'm less likely to spot their handiwork. But even with this passage of time I was able to recognise where some of the restored scenes were. And Those four minutes actually make something of a difference, after watching the edit I realised how hard I had initially come down on Dark Phoenix. It is a flawed film and not quite the swansong we wanted for the fox-studios mutants. But I feel it is actually a better film than Apocalypse with Charles, Jean and Beast getting their due.

I do recommend this to fans of the previous films, maybe not a newcomer, but perhaps someone like me who thought the theatrical cut was just ho-hum.

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