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April 14, 2009 @ 5:29 pm

Flawless. The work JT did putting this together made it seem like an actual episode of Batman: TAS. The transistions between scenes and flashbacks were flawless and i could find no problems with hard cuts, nor did I find any problems with the audio.

Year One is Bruce Wayne’s first journey into fighting crime, his trials if you will. It is in this short film that Bruce learns what it is to lead a double life, and what it may cost him if he continued on one path instead of the other. The film ends with Brice donning the familiar cape and cowl, and the familiar Batman theme playing in the background. With Alfred looking on with a “I think I just pooped in my pants look” when he first sees Batman, the film ends with the glowing white eyes of Batman.

JT has done a great service with this and BB, and if Year One becomes part of a larger set of Matman related films in the dcau, I would love to review them all, compilation or not.

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