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(Updated: September 25, 2012)
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January 21, 2009

Zombie Consecution – The True FanEdit Chronicles

I found Zombie Consecution very enjoyable. There is a wide variety of short FanEdits and considering the genre, they are all quite unique and enjoyable.

Diary Of A Dying Man is entertaining but the leap to the other characters in the shopping mall (Look over there, there is someone on the roof!) is very awkward. 3 Stars

The Virus is fun, in a cheesy way and I am sure that is the intention. Still, well edited and the credits are cool. 3 Stars

Voodoo Island is Italian cheese. It is well cut, a bit boring but gets to the point. 2 Stars

Dead Awake really starts to show some raw imagination and the first half works really well. There is some really great editing on show here, not all of it works but most does. The transition to the second action sequence, which is tinted red, is too abrupt but over-all this is a cracking FanEdit. The credits are great! 4 Stars

School’s in Session is very well cut. It begins well but sort of tails off. 3 Stars

Dawn Of The Millennium starts slow but builds nicely. There are a few awkward edits particularly with the Land Of The Dead footage. Still, imagination and daring are very much on show here! 3 Stars

In 20 Seconds. I really like this a lot. I think it is imaginative, very well edited and the cross dissolves are nicely done. The text cards are a sweet change. 4 Stars

Two Against The World is well edited and tells its story with minimum fuss. 3 Stars

Surviving an Undead Uprising is such a polished work. The editing is assured, as are the SFX’s such as the blood running down the screen. Great! It is fast and frenetic with an opening that is inspired. 5 Stars

The DVD is excellent. The Menu looks cool and is easy to navigate.

As a whole Zombie Consecution is a solid 5 because all of the FanEditors have delivered technically competent short FanEdits. Audio and Edits are faultless. Also, the fact that FanEditors have given their time to another Consecution Project deserves praise. In most cases there is real imagination, daring and talent on show.
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