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The Superman


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Fanedit name: The Superman
Faneditor Name: Avid 4D
Original Movie Title: Superman: The Movie; Superman II

Genre: Action; Superheroes
Franchise: Superman
Fanedit Type: FanFix

Original Release Date: 1978
Original Running Time: 143 minutes
Fanedit Release Date: February 2014
Fanedit Running Time: 154 minutes
Time Cut: 32 minutes
Time Added: 43 minutes

Brief Synopsis:
This is a modern edit on a classic tale that will appeal to today's audiences who expect a quicker pace and more action. It is the story of an orphan alien sent to earth, who then has to battle with Earth's greatest villain and criminals from his home world seeking revenge.

When released back in 1978, Superman: The Movie was an epic movie like no other, but in comparison to modern superhero films it is quite slow. This edit picks up the pace by trimming long panning shots and trimming dialogue. The time saved has been replaced with some elements from Superman II, but not all. My intention is to make a new trilogy from the footage of Superman I, II, III, IV and Superman Returns.

Other Sources:
Superman IV
Superman Returns

Release Information:
720p MP4/MKV
This edit has been approved by the Academy. PM editor for links.
This sounds interesting. Any cutlist details?
Sent a request. Looking forward to this
Watched this last night. I want to watch it again before I review. Briefly though it is a clever combination of the two Supes movies.

Watch it.
I'd have reviewed this by now, but I can't seem to use Mega on Google Chrome at the moment:oops:
This looks like a great fan-edit idea, but I've been having a hard time downloading on Mega as well... has anyone seen this yet to want to write a review? Or post some sort of cut list so we have a better idea of what's included?
Hi guys... I can give you a login to my personal storage server to download if you're still struggling. Be aware that my DSL upload speed is very slow though so it will take several hours for you to download.
Why do you have a commercial advertisement link in your signature and your avatar? Not to mention if you go to the site it's broken.

That kind of just makes me want to ignore the edit altogether.
I'm starting up my own small business and haven't finished the web site yet! :-(
I work in the web development industry. It's standard practice to keep dev environments private and internal until testing and launch are complete. I don't think you're doing yourself or fanedit.org any favors by advertising an unfinished commercial site on this free one (especially since whatever that thing is seems to play video files (like fanedits) and thus it looks like you're trying to profit off of the site). I'm not trying to be mean. It seems spammy to me and in a very grey area with the site's rules, and I am still very confused as to why you would link it here. I'm not an admin or mod and my views do not represent those of the site and its owners.

This was a nicely done fanedit. I'm not a huge Superman fan but I quite enjoyed this. The re-ordering of scenes felt seamless, if you'd never seen these movies you wouldn't have known they'd been edited together. Only negative was that it couldn't help but feel like two stories pasted together. But it's not bad and recommended for anybody wanting a good alternate viewing experience for Sups 1 & 2.

A/V Quality - 10
Editing - 10
Narrative - 9
Enjoyment - 8
Watched, enjoyed and posted a review.

Warning! There will be spoilers in this review.

Another fan edit merging Superman I and II into a single epic adventure, and I have watched my fair share of them over the years, and I can say this one is pretty entertaining with some fresh ideas.

Technically the edit is very solid. Video quality is excellent. Most of the cuts are well executed, though there were a minor few that felt choppy or stood out from a continuity perspective -- Clark's introduction to the Daily Planet, one moment standing on one side of Perry's office, the next he beside the desk with the soda bottle. Or the detectives pursuing Otis through Grand Central Station and into the tunnels. But flip side, these cuts wonderfully tone down much of the bumbling humor provided by Clark and Otis, which I enjoyed.

Audio work is very solid. No pops or obvious audio cut sounds. But I thought there were instances during the transition of scenes from original material to new material, where the music or audio could have played/blended slightly longer and smoother from one scene into the next.

This fan edit incorporates material from Superman, Superman II, Superman III (clever use of the plant fire scene!!!) and IV, and for the most part the new narrative works well. But in order to get to the main plot faster, some of the editor cuts play a bit awkward. The one that really stood out to me was the cutting from Luthor and Tessmacher (why does the phone ring while in the bathrub) to Perry at the Planet (for a scene that lasts only 10 seconds) and then back to Luthor/Tessmacher and now Otis. Again, I understand why it was done, but it feels very...odd.

The losing of the Niagara Falls subplot and having the Kryptonian Villains arrive during the California earthquake works pretty well. It definitely explains why Superman was not aware of their arrival. Though the transition to Houston felt off, since clearly the aerial shot is of California where Lois has already been established. The cutting back and forth between Lois's death and Zod's speech.... I can not decide if I like it or not...LOL! It is definitely a bold creative decision and I give points for that. I wonder if it would have played more powerful with just straight cuts instead of crossfades?

The second timeline created after Superman spins the world, with the Villains arriving differently was nice. Smart cutting of any close up Cliff Claven at NASA since we already saw him once earlier on. Again, another clever solution of why Superman was not present for their arrival -- he is on a space mission. Good use of the SIV footage. Though you could have also used the news report from Supergirl which states Superman is off planet. The only issue I now have, is how does Superman learn Zod has escaped the Phantom Zone and is in Metropolis? Too bad there was not some way while Superman was on the Moon you could have shown him finding the destroyed Artemis craft....?

The climax comes together very nicely. Though I have an issue with the ending from a continuity stand point... Superman brings Luthor and Otis to prison. One, Luthor is obviously in completely different clothing and hair wig than he was just wearing in the Fortress. And two, why would Otis be there? He was not at the Fortress. Though it is conceivable Supes could have picked Otis up along the way. Once again, I understand the narrative choice and it ties everything up in a nice bow, but it does stand out like sore thumb to me. The original ending with the Polar Police would have worked just as well.... except for maybe the Lois stuff?

All in all, a good edit that moves swiftly with enough new and original narrative changes to hold your attention and keep it feeling somewhat fresh. I was entertained and I look forward to seeing the next installment of Avid's planned trilogy.

Thumbs UP.
Looking forward to watching THE SUPERMAN OF KRYPTON next. :)
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